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How Do I Love Me? is a great handbook to make lasting life changes. I love Daylle’s practical and real advice that teaches self-approval as the key to self love. Her insightful book provides tools that get to the heart of improving self-esteem.” — Mary Jo Matsumoto, fashion designer

People ask Daylle why she’s giving How Do I Love Me? 

Let Me Count the Ways away for free. After all, her profession is writing books. After getting a spiritual calling to give the book away to help people, Daylle didn’t hesitate to take the proposal back from her agent and give it away to say thanks for her blessings.

How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways encourages building self-love on a realistic level, with many easy-to-follow suggestions and effective techniques in every chapter. You can get out of the habit of focusing on your shortcomings and get into the habit of giving your positive qualities more attention. You CAN break the habit of treating others better than you and get into the habit of being more loving to yourself. A conscious effort can help you break unloving habits so you can nurture your way to feel better about you. The book provides understanding and tools for changing habits.

Daylle interviewed many women and men who shared their stories and thoughts about self-love—clients, participants in support groups and people who heard her speak. I gave out questionnaires in my travels and by email and often got into conversations with people who I said things that I wrote down and included.

Self-love begins and ends with YOU feeling good about YOU, right here and now. Setting boundaries—and meaning it—for not tolerating a sarcastic romantic partner, dominating parent, tough boss, mean friend, etc. and not letting what they say or do erode your self-esteem are all acts of self-love Every little thing you do to take more control over your life—being on time once, when you’re usually late, cutting down on sugar or cigarettes for one day, making your bed at least sometimes, showing an effort to take vitamins, not using negative words when you make a mistake, saying “no” even once, standing up to someone who treats you poorly—every little bit of control over your life is an act of self-love because it makes you feel better, at least for the moment.

When these self-loving acts add up, self-love grows.

How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways begins by providing an understanding of what good self-esteem is and how it can be achieved by showing yourself love. It then explains how different aspects of our lives affect self-love. Age, weight, general appearance and position in society affect how we feel about ourselves. Each chapter details how to maximize the positives. The book is filled with tools for enhancing self-love, including an assortment of ways to develop and nurture your sense of self, spiritual side, and confidence. Each chapter is pro-active and sprinkled with “I love me” tips, which give specific things the reader can do to be loving to self.

Most people know that it’s time to fall in love with themselves but don’t know how. How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways covers every facet of life that contributes to the growth of self-esteem and self-love, with simple, practical, satisfying, and loving ways to work with what you have. The Self-Love Movement™ wants you to find a place of self-fulfillment by loving yourself more!

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